Phoebe Kut


Visiting Richmond Hospital


This year the proceeds of the pageant show tickets are going towards the Richmond Hospital Foundation. Richmond Hospital was kind enough to take us on a behind the scenes tour of their operating rooms and even let us play with the equipment! It was rewarding to know that the pageant, although a wonderful spectacle for one night - will have a lasting impact in other’s lives with the money raised towards new equipment and facilities. 


I’ve always been interested in surgeries and operating rooms so this was a really cool experience. We suited up in full scrubs and then got to try out the minimally invasive surgery (MIS) equipment.



MIS is becoming more common in hospitals as the procedures are performed through a tiny incision where an endoscope (thin tube with tiny camera at the end) is passed through, instead of a large opening - thus resulting in faster recovery times and less complications. 


Watching the video on the screen, the movements were counterintuitive since you would be moving the instrument left but seeing it travel right on the tv screen. 


Healthcare impacts everyone at some point in their life so it’s important to think about giving back!


Fun fact: I was born in Richmond Hospital, and when I was 7 months old I went back to the hospital to get my tear duct unblocked. My parents told me my right eye was always watering since the tear duct was blocked. Thank you Richmond Hospital!