Phoebe Kut


Studying Abroad | 在外讀書的日子


This is my first September not returning to school, since I graduated this Spring from McGill University in Montreal! It is bittersweet writing this post, thinking about all the good memories I had, my parents were right - being a student is really one of the best times in your life  laugh

自從年中在Montreal McGill 大學畢業後,這個九月是我第一次不用上學。寫這篇文章,百感交集,想起大學校園美好的日子。父母說得對,學生時代是人生最好的階段。



Here are some fun facts about my unforgettable, best times at school: 



Winter lasted for 4-5 months in Montreal, with temperatures dropping to -20 °C. My down parka was my best friend. 

Montreal 滿地可的冬天持續四至五個月,氣温低至零下二十度,我的羽绒褸是我最佳朋友,常伴我左右!

Everyday I walked around 15 minutes to and from school. The campus pictured on a beautiful, sunny day below.


I learned to fully cook for myself (lettuce wraps were my favourite healthy meal to make!)


I lived in an apartment for three years with 4 other girls heart



On the weekends I would usually spend the whole day at the library, my favourite spots being the Law library and Schulich Library - sometimes taking a study break inbetween by walking up Mont Royal (it's the best view of Montreal).

在週末,我會整天在校園圖書館温習。間中會走上附近的山Mont Royal 休息。這是觀看整個Montreal 全景的佳點。

  • I studied an interdisciplinary degree (Arts & Science) so I spent a lot of time in the lab in addition to reading and writing essays for arts classes 
  • 我同時修讀文學及自然科學,所以除了文學閱讀寫作外,我也花很多時間在實驗室內。

  • I was part of a student committee called P[h]assion, where we threw on an annual springtime charity fashion show that benefitted Maison Plein Coeur, a local Montreal based charity advocating for HIV/AIDS awareness.
  • 我參與學生委員會名為P[h]assion, 舉辦春季慈善時裝展,為滿地可慈善機構筹款,關注愛滋病。