Phoebe Kut


Filming my First Movie as a Child | 童年第一次拍戲經歷


The summer after I finished Grade 4, I filmed an independent movie called Eve & the Fire Horse in Vancouver. It was an amazing experience I'll never forget, and there were definitely challenges for me as it was my first time acting! 


小學四年级的暑假,我拍了一套温哥華製作的故事片,Eve & the Firehorse。 這是我第一次演戲,經歷很多挑戰。 是一個很難忘的寶貴經驗。


The movie is set in the 1970s, I played Eve Eng who is a 9 year old girl with a wild imagination. She is the youngest daughter of traditional Chinese immigrants, and along with her older sister Karena, they navigate through cultural confusion and the world of Buddhism and Catholicism. 


這套戲的背景是七十年代温哥華華人移民家庭。我飾演主角Eve Ng, 是一個充滿幻想的九歲女孩。她與姐姐 Karena 經歷文化差異的疑惑,及對中西宗教的好奇。



1) Drowning in the Bathtub Scene | 浴缸被浸

In this scene, my sister attempts to baptize me in the bathtub 

Fun fact: I practiced at home, filling up the bathtub and trying to hold my breath so that no bubbles would show! 




2) The final crying scene | 哭泣的一幕

In the final scene of the movie, I had to cry. For this scene I thought of someone very dear to me passing away.