Phoebe Kut


TV Interviews


Yesterday we did 2 TV interviews, one for Leisure Talk (大城小聚) a Cantonese FTV program, and another for City Chat (都市有約) which is a Mandarin TTV progam. Although I don't understand Mandarin quite well, Carmen was kind enough to speak key words for me in Cantonese and English, I think I did okay laugh Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the interviews! For this interview we got to select our own outfits and the option of doing our own hair and makeup. I did my own makeup since on a daily basis I like to be more natural, my go-tos are usually mascara and BB cream. I believe the best beauty is natural beauty!

#6-10: Venessa, Sherry, Katrina, me and Lily - these girls are so much fun!