Venessa Li


When Stressed, You Got to Just Dance!


Dance has been a huge part of my life growing up. I started ballet when I was four years old. But over the years, my interest for dance dissapated for a period of time before picking it up again at 12 years old. I joined my Chinese dance academy at that age, and I was exposed to so many different colours, flavours, and styles of not only Chinese minority dance, but also modern and contemperary dances. I just wanted to share with you a huge part of my life that has accompanied me through good times, hardship, and life changing moments like this pageant! 

My first solo: a Yi minority dance, 火凤凰

Sunshine Nation 2014: merging a traditional mongolian dance with the cello. The song was 鸿雁.

Playing the part of Royal Lady Yang 杨贵妃,in the dance 大唐贵妃. 

Chinese New Year performance with Fairchild Radio and the "Sunshine Nation alumni" 

My dream was fulfilled when I was able to meet 张傲月, one of the most famous dancers in all of China for he was the winner of So You Think You Can Dance China in 2014. It was an unforgettable experience, as I learned so much from him. It turned out that he loved snowboarding as well, so Whistler was a must! I am telling you, professional dancers are just more agile than us commenfolk! I ended up falling more than he did! :) 

Korean minority dance

This dance is very special to me, as we have performend it over 30 times in different locations around Vancouver. This summer, we were honoured to have the eligibility to participate at the prestigious Taoli Cup 桃李杯 Competition, the most prestigious platform for Chinese dance. This dance recieved high praise from many proffessionals in the Chinese dance field. It was a unforgettable experience! 

Last but not least, this is my most recent solo, 卷珠帘, where I recently performed at my academy's bi-annual performance and at the senior home performance with MCVP :) 

I wanted to show you this gallery of my dance journey for it has shaped me in so many ways, including my attitude, how I present myself, and my personality. It has helped me uncountable times in this pageant. In conclusion, I believe dance has the power to shape one's lifestyle, mentality, and beauty. I am eternally grateful for the happiness, love, and perseverence dance has taught me.