Venessa Li


Update on the Pageant !


So much is happening all at once during this pageant. A typical week consists of 10-12 hours of stage training, 2 hours of catwalk training, speech training, fitness, production meetings, and photoshoots for numerous events. On top of that, we have many scripts and questions to prepare for. One big thing I got out of this pageant already is my Chinese skill level is improving! I started off with 80% of the page full of the Chinese pin yin, but only two months in and now 80% of the page is unmarked. I truely believe that Chinese is such an important and fundemental language to possess. 

Along with Prenda and Irene, we were invited to a demo to try on our jewlery for the final show day. Some say "Diamonds are a girl's best friend," but to me, I am fine with it as long as its shiny! :) 


One major event we prepared for was our official press conference. This was our first time to be presented in front of sponsers and media. It was an overall successful event and I am so grateful for the experience as it gives us a glimpse of what show day will be like! 

Can you find me in this picture? 

Doing a dry run before everyone started to show up! Practice does make perfect.



Yesterday, we were also fortunate enough to perform at a seniors home in Chinatown. Everyone either grouped up or individually presented a "mini" talent. Mine was a chinese minority modern-classical dance, 卷珠帘。

This is what my dance would of looked like on stage! 


We also made a gift for the senior home. As we had to add a personalized touch to the gift, we decided to print a small picture of the each of us along with a short message. 

I have a mini instant printer because I love to scrapbook. Any art supplies, I usually have you covered!