Venessa Li


Life outside of the Pageant


Hey all!

Many people have been asking me the same question lately: Are you still in school? What about school? Where have you been! I am able to inform you that indeed; I am still taking courses at UBC. Just not the kind where I have to show up to class...

Online courses are advertised A LOT easier than they sound. I am currently taking two courses through a distant education program where I need to constantly be updated with school work, quizzes, and projects, etc. With the pageant training, dance, maintaining an intense exercise regiment, and the school work, my schedule can be hectic and keeping up becomes a problem. But I am determined to do well as school is just as important as anything else! 

What actually goes on in my "Pageant Suitcase." 

I thought it would be mildly humoring to carry around this agenda. So far, it hasen't left my side. "I am really busy" has actually become my motto! 

On top of being a student, I am also an avid dancer. I started ballet at the age of 4, and I switched to Chinese Minority Dance when I was 12 years old. By now, I have absolutely fallen in love with the different Chinese dance styles and being grown and raised in Vancouver, Chinese dance has made me realize the beauty and the vastness of Chinese culture.

During my “off hours” from MCVP, you can surely find me at my dance studio 9-12 hours a week preparing for our annual dance show. Being in 8 dances requires mental focus, dedication, and enjoyment for this form of art. 

Putting the hours at the dance studio with my fellow dancers heart

One of our new group dances... now can you find me? 

Now I want to introduce to everyone one of the most important things in my life. This is Pumpkin Spice Latte (Yes, this is her real name! No trademark haha~). She is a 2 year old Shiba Inu and the love of my life. In my neighborhood, she is known as the feisty demon fox, for she is sweet tempered and loving to (MOST) humans and dominates all the dogs in the area! I dedicate all of my spare time to her, and I can guarantee to all of you that you will be seeing more of PSL in my future posts! 

One phrase: Ball is life! 

Took her on a 8 km hike this recent weekend. She is definitely more fit than I am! 

And this is the "Mom I didn't do it, I swear" face! 

I believe a balance between obligations, priorities, and a social life is important! We cannot always be in a "All work, no play" mode. We all have to make time to do the things we love with our loved ones. Hope everyone has a great week!