Venessa Li


Hello World :)


Hi Everybody! 大家好!

Welcome to my blog and my journey through the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant. My name is Venessa and I was born in Beijing and raised in Vancouver. I graduated from Prince of Wales Secondary in 2015 and I am currently a second year student at UBC studying arts. Growing up, I was exposed to so many forms of fine arts: from piano, flute, guitar, and cello, to drawing, martial arts, and dance. Over the years, I have realized that I love being a performer and being on stage. In 2014, I joined Fairchild Radio's Sunshine Nation Competition hoping to challenge myself. I was honored to hold the Sunshine Girlz Champion for that year and it was one of the most unforgettable experiences. This year, I have joined MCVP 2016 with the same intentions.

(Me along with fellow contestants during Sunshine Nation 2014. It was an unforgettable experience and was also one of the reasons that pushed me to join MCVP!) 



(I graduated from Prince of Wales Secondary Class of 2015!) 


The first two weeks of the pageant has honestly been the most hectic days of my life. From being the youngest contestant in the group and not knowing a word of Cantonese, to being able to meet great staff and 9 other beautiful contestants. There was just so much to know in so little time, so many people to meet, and so far, I am having so much fun! I am looking foward to everyhing coming up in the next few weeks!

With #10 Lily and #9 Phoebe at a teeth whitening office! 

Phoebe and I have been dancing together since I was 13 years old.

Getting "beautified" by our wonderful sponsers. Talk about celebrity treatment! 


I will be updating! AndI hope that everyone can get to know me better through the next couple weeks. 


Unitl next time,

Venessa 李云珊