Maria Rincon


Vlog Preview of MCVP Promo


Hi everyone! Today I want to share a short vlog preview of our official MCVP 2016 promo shooting! The three days we filmed were fun, rewarding, and very busy. 

Here are some fun facts from those three days:

-We did 6 outfit changes for the photoshoots

-It was my first time performing a magic trick in front of a camera

-Our call time was 7am for hair and make up

-While waiting for our turn to film, the contestants and I snacked on fruit and nuts, talked, and rested

I can't wait for everyone to see the final products (TV interviews, photos, and official promo video) because the production crew worked extremely hard to make this all possible. Thanks to the Fairchild and MCVP crew for all their hard work!


Thanks for watching! Until next time,

Maria 王思思