Maria Rincon


The Big Reveal!


Hello everyone! 大家好!

This week our media press conference was held and our full official MCVP website was launched!

At the media press conference we performed magic tricks, did a catwalk, and chatted with the emcees in front of a small audience. It was so exciting seeing the huge backdrop with our pictures on it. Here our some pictures from our press conference:

Here we are! Aren't our dresses cute? I think we all did fantastic on stage that day and the audience was very enthusiastic and supportive. Our heels were super high but we survived!

Here is #7 Sherry, #6 Venessa, #5 Maggie, and me.

The press conference was a big achievement for all of us as I remember we were all pretty nervous backstage before it began. Speaking in front of a live audience is not easy but we were well prepared and hopefully impressed the audience. 

The day before the press conference we signed posters for our sponsors! We felt like celebrities signing so many posters haha.

Last but not least, I want to share one of my favourite pictures from my website profile:

On an end note, I want to say how thankful I am for this incredible opportunity I am sharing with these 9 girls. Thank you to the MCVP + Fairchild crew for all their hard work and making everything happen.


Make sure to check out our contestant profiles on the official website to learn more about us!

Also, check out our full TV promo:

Thanks for reading!

Maria 王思思