Maria Rincon


See you this Saturday Nov. 19th!


Hello everyone! 大家好!

最近我们10位佳丽非常忙排练总决赛的节目. Our dance/stage training instructor Didi and modelling instructor Sisi have been very patient with us, and I can't wait for everyone to see the finale show on December 8th. I can't give too much away but we have many show segments all with very different themes.

However, you don't have to wait until December 8th to see us, because coming up this week is our public press conference with the Richmond Hospital Foundation.


Saturday, November 19th at 2pm at Aberdeen Centre.

This is a free and public event so make sure to come support all 10 of us! There's also a Instagram photo contest for everyone to participate in: See you all there!

In between our busy pageant schedule, I visited a local beach and was able to have peaceful moment in the nature around me. Being in a pageant is very demanding and there are lots of things to learn, memorize, and stay on top of. Being able to take a walk and enjoy the view was a nice way to relax (even though it was around 12 degrees outside). 

Can you believe this view? The bonus part about this walk was the exercise I was getting and the beach made for a great mini photoshoot spot.

Need a way to get rid of stress? I suggest exploring a nature spot near you and finishing off with a hot cup of tea!

Thanks for reading! Until next time,

Maria 王思思