Irene Cheng


#2 - MCVP and Irene (鄭秀文)


Why hello again,

I've had a huge learning curve from the very start of auditions but I have to say that through MCVP I am humble and grateful to meet a diverse bundle of beaus. my experience has diverged into an appreciation of the ins-and-outs of performance, production, and fashion and I am very happy that I am not alone! 

I have a new appreciation for those that work in front and behind the camera. Professionals make it seems so effortless and natural but it takes A LOT of work to make natural and effortless movements beautiful on camera. There were a lot of things I took for granted and I've gone home and had to practice facial expressions, angles, framework, lighting, etc. To the MCVP team, thank you so much for your continued support and patience with my learning process.

A sneak peak at behind the scenes during the videoshooting.


A congratulations to the beautiful souls I am delighted to get to know during this journey. I have only scratched the surface of your beauty and am so pleased to get to know your inner beauty. I'm not a big picture taking person so bear with me while I get into the habit of capturing our moments in a thousand-worded photos.

#5 Maggie (left), #2 me (centre), and #10 Lily (Right)

And a little bonus... These were the photos I submitted for my application to MCVP this year.

Photo credits to Benny Lin. My first time doing anything "model related". Thank you for your patience Benny!

Photo credits to Shaler on my camera phone. You did a wonderful job with what you had, I was also wearing my work attire (haha) #NoFilter

And those bruises and scratches on my legs are from when I fell during a hike on Goat Mountain with my buddies of mine N.Look + J.Chiu. Thank you boys!

.   .   .

Until next time,

ໂຊກດີເດີ້ ..sôhk dii der